Over 30 years of our experience in food business could simplify your life and make it more comfortable.


Being the intelligent agent/broker in food industry, our Fifty One Corp's sales & marketing team does not only match the buyers and the sellers together, but we also source the goods and new items you may need. We do the proper negotiation of prices as well as take care of the cargoes loading to the buyers’ hands.


Our strong QA team spends their time in our two internal laboratories for physical and sensory inspection and chemical testing to assure the right quality are passed to the oversea buyers. The sales & marketing and the R&D brain storm on regular basis to innovate what suitable to each buyer. This is why Fifty One Corp is leading the industry in product innovation, human and pet food. The dedicated R&D and sales team who understand clearly the products and the market could minimize cost of both buyers and sellers. Only the experiences team can do this

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